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  1. Razah

    He's one of the new artist with def jam. His new joint is called rain. I heard it before and I thought it was hot. He has that sexy voice that I'm really feelin. I can't wait to cop his album when it drops http://www6.defjam.com/www2/av_system/go.rm?link=9KRDY3gBY2Nf5250u6DU450F-90977
  2. J Holiday

    He is a talented singer making dope joint. I love his voice and his style. I think he is so fione. I love his music and his album is off the chain. Check out sooner you get to love. http://capi001.edgeboss.net/real/capi001/jholiday/backofmylac/audio/jholiday_sooner_you_get_to_love.ram?artistid=urbannewmedia
  3. Mary J Blige new album

    I know I'm not the only one feelin my girl dope new album. She's got some bangin new tracks on it. I love just fine and it's just one of the hot tracks that I have been jammin too. It's MJB keeps it up I will be a true fan for life. Big ups to MJB she is a true diva
  4. Growing Pains

    Is coming out on Tuesday. I know I'm not the only one that going to cop it on Tuesday when it drops. I am so excited I heard MJB new album is going to be off the chain. With a lot of joints that we all can relate to. I included the link to grown woman I love this song. Grown Woman; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXMPu3sxXyQ
  5. Tyra B new joint

    I don't know if you heard givin me a rush yet and if you haven't I found a link to where you have check out my girl Tyra B new joint. I really like it I don't know where she been hiding but I'm glad I check out her new song. It's a joint that I can really relate to and I want to share. http://streamos.wbr.com/wmedia/wbr/tyra/audio/tyra_hush_128.wax
  6. Mary J Blige hot new joint

    I really love Mary J new joint just fine. the song makes me think about myself so I really feelin it. No wonder she the Queen of hip hop and nobody can touch that Mary J wear that title well. I love her new album cover my girl looks great. http://geffen.edgeboss.net/wmedia/geffen/maryjblige/audio/growingpains/lo.asx
  7. J Holiday

    I can't wait to see him next month in concert. I know it's going to be hot. And I'm trying to cop my tickets now. J holiday going on tour with Neyo, Keyshia Cole and R Kelly that tour going to be off the chain everybody I know is trying to get ticket to see this concert. I can't wait to get my tickets. http://capi001.edgeboss.net/real/capi001/jholiday/backofmylac/audio/j_holiday_bed.ram?siteid=interactive
  8. J Holiday

    I have added him to my ringtones I love his bed song so much. I think J Holiday is hot right now. I'm going to see him when he comes to Jersey with my favorite main man R Kelly and my girl Keyshia Cole. That show is going to be off the chain. I can't wait to cop my tickets. http://capi001.edgeboss.net/qtime/capi001/jholiday/bed/bed_480x360_700.mov?siteid=cmg
  9. J Holiday

    I know his album comes out on Oct 2 but I wish it were coming out next week. I'm one of J Holiday biggest fans and not because he is fione as hell. But that sexy bangin voice is what got my attention. I just hope he continue to do his thing and make bangin joint. http://capi001.edgeboss.net/qtime/capi001/jholiday/bed/bed_480x360_700.mov?siteid=cmg
  10. Keyshia Cole let it go remix

    Another hot song by my girl Keyshia I love it. I heard it last week and I thought it was fire I had to share. I got to get my girl Keyshia new ablum when it drops. http://geffen.edgeboss.net/real/geffen/keyshiacole/audio/let_it_go_remix/00_hi.ram?siteid=tt
  11. J Holiday

    One word for him is wow I am so feelin him. I know he's on tour with my girl Keyshia Cole and they will be on tour for the rest of the month. Their show was hot. J was doing his thang and lookin fione as ever. I really hope he doesn't have a special lady in his life bc I would b so jealous. http://capi001.edgeboss.net/real/capi001/jholiday/backofmylac/audio/j_holiday_bed.ram?siteid=interactive
  12. Kat Deluna

    Has such a beautiful voice I really love her new album I was not disappointed at all I think it's great I put it on my ipod so I can hear it all the time. http://www.sonymusic.com/clips/selection/fu/KatDeLuna/Kat_01_01_full_smil.mov
  13. Check out alright??

    I love Ledisi new joint I think it great. Ledisi has a beautiful bangin voice even though it's the first time I heard anything by this talented diva. I would love to hear more. I know her album coming out on the 28th of August I can't wait to check it out. http://verve.edgeboss.net/real/verve/ledisi/alright.smi
  14. Collie Buddz new album

    I didn't knw if I would really like his album but I have to say that I was so wrong. My man really put it down on his new album and I'm really feelin his music. http://www.sonymusic.com/clips/selection/fu/687064/687064_01_02_full.ram
  15. Shontelle

    I like her new song. It's really hot. I love the lyrics it's defiantly some thing I don't mind listening to all the time. Shontelle is doing it big. she's seems like she down to earth. http://boss.streamos.com/real/labels/universalmotown/shontelle/audio/roll.ram