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  1. Can’t we all get along?

    Drop it...just don't go. Life's too short to stress over a damn club. I'm done wasting my breath on this topic. Pacha it is!
  2. Can’t we all get along?

    Great idea... they are easy to spot
  3. Attn: Crobar Personel

    I rather not was anymore time and energy than I already have on this unsolvable problem... but that is one fucked up picture.
  4. Can’t we all get along?

    in other words....change that retard at the front door.
  5. Can’t we all get along?

    check... we ranged from 22-30yrs old tops. If I owned a club and it were filled with white people who are on coke or gena...should I NOT allow them in? In my experience in the clubs, I have not experieced any serious problems in the past except for the occasianally rude old asian lady pushing her way through or some meathead pushing his way through. FYI- if an asian looks 35...they are probably about 50. Fine, keep those out.
  6. Attn: Crobar Personel

    NOTE to all asians: Just do not go to Crobar. I've experience this first-hand myself on saturday. http://bbs.clubplanet.com/new-york/305139-can-t-we-all-get-along-11.html?highlight=crobar+asians post #161 FUCK CROBAR AND FUCK ALL YOU IGNORANT FUCKS
  7. Can’t we all get along?

    I was unfortunate to experience this "rascism" from Crobar this weekend. We had reservations for a friend's birthday, but nobody got in due to the fact that we were asian. First excuse was there were 3 guys that didn't have girls, so they went and got girls and jumped back into the line. This time around the guy pointed out that two of the guys had tshirts under their button down shirts...that were tucked into their dress pants. .."WE HAVE A DRESS CODE HERE". ....Meanwhile, there were tons of other people that got in with tank tops and tshirts....AND SNEAKERS. We ended up at Spirit around the corner. I'm posting this because it's retarded how they operate. People with reservations, dress good. I didn't believe this until now. Nor I am looking for any stupid comments on this issue. I'd rather spend my money elsewhere than a rascist club.