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    Big Family!!! City life!!
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    Dancing and going to the Beach
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  1. My first

    well thanks for the big welcome... (this ought to pad my post count too ) and to answer your question...it happens..but not only do you get to see them walk around in their undies but we might even run into them taking a s*** ....its very sexy!!!
  2. My secret Confession

    have you ever made a mess and let someone else take the blame? I remember when i was growing up and would get into trouble, my dad just picking someone to assign blame too. He had 5 kids to choose from. My friend sent me this website...it is entertaining and lets you tell your story. So if you can relate check it out: http://www.filthyconfessions.com/ Sara
  3. My first

    Well....here is a little bit about me. I grew up in Miami with 2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters. i moved away when i turned 18 to live in orlando..both my sisters now live with me, and we need a bigger place!!! I love going down to the MIA to visit and party. My parents are moving to Atlanta and I think i might follow suit...so I will get to party there. YAY!!