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  1. Anyone to IBIZA this summer?

    Hi! Yes, Pacha is also cool. I have been only in two parties at Pacha, on Fridays Pure Pacha, and monday Release Yourself. Pure Pacha is one of the coolest days! As I said in Ibiza, everynight depends on the party....
  2. Anyone to IBIZA this summer?

    hi everybody! I'm a spanish guy, from Barcelona. I have been many times in Ibiza because it's very close. I agree with everybody who said that san antoni is not the best place, it's full of drunk british, it's not the real Ibiza! Ibiza town or arround is better. For me the best clubs are Space ( but it's an afterhour! from 8 p.m. until 5 p.m. ...), of course pacha, and amnesia! I don't like Divino, it's maybe because I prefer underground or cool parties, and divino is chic... Overall, you have to know that every night depends on the party, look at this calendar! http://www.ibiza-spotlight.com/night/club_dates_july_i.htm It's full of different parties, you can choose if you know about the dj... also don't forget Bora bora, the hottest club, it's in the beach, ans it's very different! try it! About the dates, I would prefer july, because in august is very crowded, lines to get in the clubs, traffic jams.... If you have more questions tell me! Finally, it's my turn. I gonna live in NYC for 5 months, I was last year and It was amazing! people, city, hanging out..... and I'm coming alone, so I need more information about the city , nightlife!