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  1. I just came across this dope-looking reggae compilation, "Strictly The Best Vol. 35," and it's actually sounding like it could be good...If I sound surprised, it's because I'm usually not a fan of compilation CDs, esp. with genres or artists I like a whole lot, because compilations always find a way to water down the culture and the music and commercialize it out of hand, but this tracklisting looks pretty hot. Sean Paul, Sizzla, Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, etc. ... looks like a real complete reggae compilation CD. To peep it, here's a link: http://www.vprecords.com/onesheet.php?cat_number=VP1769.2.... tell me what y'all think
  2. Jibbs really came with a jab with this "King Kong" joint with Chamillionaire...I'm not the hugest fan of him at all, but this joint with Chamillionaire is really, crazy - the beat is insane, Cham does his thing, and to my surprise, Jibbs kills it too. I had initially jus checked it cuz I'm a Chamillionaire fan, but this may make me check Jibbs' album Here's a link for the video: http://music.aol.com/franchise/first_view_canvas/_a/first-view-jibbs-king-kong/20061120164309990001
  3. Jibbs feat. Chamillionaire, "King Kong"

    hey, opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one...I'm really feeling it though...
  4. Man, this "King Kong" ish is sorta dope... and it's difficult for me to say that - I'm not a fan of Jibbs, I thought "Chain Hang Low" was weak...but I've gotta give props where they're due, and this song with Chamillionaire DEFINITELY what's up - the beat is dope as fuck, Cham does his thing, and Jibbs kills it too, I didn't know he could spit like that...he really surprised me with the video, seemed to sorta come out of nowhere...I had initially jus checked it cuz I like Chamillionaire's shit , but this may make me check for Jibbs' album, cuz this has got it showing promise... Here's a link for the video: http://music.aol.com/franchise/first_view_canvas/_a/first-view-jibbs-king-kong/20061120164309990001
  5. Kevin Federline

    You know what's weird? I'm not a Brittney Spears fan, but this new stuff from her husband Kevin Federline is actually sorta good...I expected him to be wack as hell (being brittney's husband and all), but homie's actually decent on the mic, he seems to be taking this seriously enough...myspace.com/kevinfederline for some of his tracks, I like "America's Most Hated" the most out of em though, homie actually seems to have a purpose with this
  6. Young Capone

    This dude is the future of the south...he's not on the dance-ready stuff that's saturating stuff rigth now, dude's hard as hell, and he's on his grizzly....myspace.com/youngcapone and youngcaponemusic.com ... he's got tracks produced by Nitty, so you'd think they were club joints, and they work for the club, but he's still got a hard swagger that you wouldn't expect....Jermaine Dupri knows how to find em, and this Young Capone cat is no exception...
  7. Gucci Mane's new album (link)

    http://www.tommyboy.com/presskits/guccimane/ Above is a link to hear the new Gucci Mane album, "Hard To Kill" in its entirety...thsi joint is really hot, hotter than I expected. The beats are crazy, and Gucci Mane's flow is a lot better than I remember it being with his last album...this album is a pleasant surprise for me, so I thought i'd spread it and see if it is for anyone else
  8. Janet Jackson 20 Y.O

    Janet's one of the best of our era
  9. Just peeped this new DVD, BC One...homie had it, let me hold it for a minute. This shit is sorta nice....it's basically about b-boying and break dancing, etc. Rahzel is the host of the thing too, which really caught me offguard, cuz aside from a few commercials, I haven't really seen him cosign anything else, so this is the real deal.... you can get the dvd (and some video ringtones, if ur into that type of thing *I think they're cool as hell, but just wasn't sure who all was into em*) at destroynetwork.com, peace
  10. Do Or Die member's solo album...

    Belo from Do Or Die is having a new album out soon, it's called The Truth....whoever doesn't remember them, y'all are trippin...they're some Chicago legends, they've been making heat for years....anyway, I heard some of the CD, and the shit's tight as hell, y'all should peep it once it comes out
  11. Chicken Noodle Soup

    This song is so damn addictive yo.....it's really simple, but once it gets stuck in ur head, u can't get rid of it...joint really is perfect for the club, u can just let go and let loose...this WebStar dude knows what he's doing... I actually just heard that he had an album coming out too, myspace.com/djwebstar for more...
  12. DMX still doin it...

    DMX has been out for a MINUTE now, and he's still holding it down....long-term success is somethin that's rare in rap, cuz most of the cats y'all are feelin now, they'll be gone a year from now...but X has been making great music since I can remember, and his new ish is no different...i haven't heard the whole thing, but from what i hear, year of the dog...again is crazy - guess that shows that veterans still do exist ;-) iono who all makes beats in here, but y'all should check x's myspace page (myspace.com/dmx), dude is having a remix contest for lord give me a sign..
  13. Who's up on Missez?

    Who's up on Missez? They're most known for their joint with Pimp C, "Love Song," but their stuff on their myspace page is better than that (myspace.com/missez)...I think their album may actually be dope, cuz the songs on there are sick Anybody else listening to them? "Love Song" is real smooth, but I like their other songs too