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  1. promotions

    whats up with the promotions. what about the other clubs? axis, embassy, roxy, felt?
  2. Dubfire (deep Dish) | Avalon Boston, Sept 15th!!!

    what kind of music is this?
  3. sunday

    axis back to school party
  4. sunday

    anything going on tonite?
  5. what kind of music at this party?
  6. Playboy Mansion Party Presented by B3

  7. Blank & Jones @ Avalon | Friday, August 25th

    who said this? all they were playing was trance. it was vgood though.
  8. Blank & Jones @ Avalon | Friday, August 25th

    so this should be one of the biggest parties of the summer....
  9. avalon....

    how old do you think i am...reason being is alot of clubs are 21+ and im not quite there yet.
  10. Blank & Jones @ Avalon | Friday, August 25th

    still havent answered my first question. do we need to buy tickets to get in or can we just show up and go in? so what kind of music will they be playing? also whats the age?
  11. Blank & Jones @ Avalon | Friday, August 25th

    do you HAVE to purchase tickets in advance to get in? and btw are they only playing techno music?
  12. avalon....

    ^^^yea i have. im just saying no one on this board goes there? cornergirl: whats the age this friday?