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  1. one more new guy, here.

    haha, thanks, if i find a venue anytime in the future ill definately let you know. i will be visiting vegas in the near future though. the scene out there is crazy.
  2. one more new guy, here.

    thanks a bunch man.
  3. 1st Time Clubber Help

    personally i shop at express, and usually pick up my clothes there, so definately check that place out next time you go to the mall. But i'd say just wear anything that makes you comfortable, when i go out usually a 1mx shirt with some jeans or something of that sort, or sometimes a little more dressy, depends. i'd say an extremely nice dress shirt and a nice pair of slacks should work. good luck.
  4. me and best friend mike

    me and mike at an exclusive club (downunder) in savannah ga .
  5. me alone

    me alone at a club in downtown savannah ga.
  6. Cheers guys, i found the site through dj forums.com, ive always looked through the site just dont know why it took me so long to actually register! But its extremely informative. Im actually from Baltimore maryland but im in south carolina rite now, but will be returning home very soon. i came down here to focus my attention on djing and producing which are huge parts of my life, and now im putting it to work. I am a trance/progressive house dj as well as producer. currently im working on getting a residency(or even a few!) at one of the clubs in washington dc or baltimore, so we'll se eh! the forums are nice and the people are kind, hope to meet many friends from different areas, who knows maybe even go partying!