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  1. Greetings all! I've just moved to LA after being a lifelong resident of Atlanta, GA. For the past several years I've been completely immersed in Atlanta's nightlife culture, hosting several radio shows, playing a fair amount of DJ gigs, and, of course, being an unabashed forum addict on the numerous nightlife-related websites that focus on Atlanta. Now that I'm in Los Angeles, I'm having trouble finding the main online spots for LA's massive club landscape. I've found Junglescene and have become acquainted with the DnB set, but I'm also looking for places that are geared towards general nightlife, be it house, breaks, downtempo, etc. I'm not interested in getting involved in the whole velvet rope, fake boobs, and popped collars scene; while I'm a DnB head to the core I still like going out to 4/4 events that have a more deep, underground, non-commercial, whateveryoucallit vibe. So, does anyone have suggestions of where the rest of the LA nightlife hangs out online? Anywhere that has a comprehensive event listing of what's happening in LA and around SoCal? Any guidance is greatly appreciated, and any links would be most welcome. The scene out here is banging, I've had a lot of fun so far but now it's time to expand my horizons... Thanks!