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  1. Black Fridays presents DJ BORIS (Crobar NYC) 12/1

    Lol! That marketing technique can be refered to as "The Yacht Party." However, I suppose it's not very effective...
  2. Black Fridays presents DJ BORIS (Crobar NYC) 12/1

    Let's start another Hartford nightlife website... Bigger and better than Cat Shit's web site.
  3. Black Fridays presents DJ GERA (NYC)

    Last week, Rap and R & B at JB's only 50 people..Lets hope tonight is better..
  4. Black Fridays presents DJ GERA (NYC)

    Yeah, didn't they play on "The Yacht"
  5. Black Fridays presents DJ GERA (NYC)

    I don't think that's happening....
  6. Black Fridays presents DJ GERA (NYC)

    Good idea because you'll be in line all night trying to buy a drink at Joe Black's...
  7. 60K laser?? Just like the 3 Million dollar yacht... Right? just kidding BRO.... I'm sure the mayor had no idea how much "E" was going around..
  8. Friday October 20th: Dirty Superstars

    Is this weirdo really looking at that picture and complaining?? Maybe he doesn't like women. Hey Dirty, I wonder if DNRD is a promoter of some other event on Thurs. night in Hartford and is upset with his lack luster turnout... Hmm.. Who could that be?? Complaining about sexy women dressed in sexy clothes LOL...Looks like he really hit a low point in his life... Here is some advice Dnrd... If you had a couple of hotties like that in your corny parties, you might do much better..
  9. Hartford: Friday October 6th Grand Opening Night of DIRTY

    Hey dnrd, Or is that "Da Nerd?" Your last comment, which you mysteriously removed...(Hmmm... I wonder who you could be???) wins the stupidest post of the year award... Go to the next "Club Hilton" party and pick up your prize. Yourhartford01
  10. DJ PETE THA ZOUK Friday 10/6 @ Hilton

    Didn't get a chance to go to the party.. Anyone go? Was it better than the last one? Nobody is posting any feedback..
  11. Hartford: Friday October 6th Grand Opening Night of DIRTY

  12. Ct Clubs Suck!!!

    960 is the best place to get laid...
  13. DJ PETE THA ZOUK Friday 10/6 @ Hilton

    Whoah Kash, stop blowing your stack... Just thought I would tell you that you should market your night club, "The Hilton Hotel" a little better.. Weird crowd at the last party...Kinda like the people you see at a Wadsworth party... Older, more professional people, not really House music fans... Not saying there is anything wrong with that though.. Oh yeah, there wasn't 400 people attending either like you're promoting on your website.. Just trying help... Don't shoot me!!!!
  14. DJ PETE THA ZOUK Friday 10/6 @ Hilton

    Hope this party is better guys... The music was good, no doubt, but I sort of got that High School Prom feel.. We were standing around in a huge square ballroom with our drinks... Not the usual club people either.. Lots of misfits actually.. Anyway.. good luck.. Hope the next one is better.. Don't know if I'll give it another chance..