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  1. ferry @ pacha last night

    amazing show. does anyone know how i can get my hands on his setlist form last night? he played some of the best beats ive ever heard especially at 130..when i got there..idk if he had just came on..he played a tune that was probably the best thing i have ever heard and throughout..i wish i knew every song he played..any way i could find it?!
  2. can anyone confirm the 18+? ..def want to go
  3. JONATHAN PETERS: The Underwear Party @ Pacha | Sat 6/30

    hey ive always heard rumors that on sat's after 4 am or so they let people 18 and up over? is this tru bcuz id love to catch this one..
  4. "VIP Tickets Give you private balcony access" Tiesto..18+? F*CKING FINALLY! I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW! I'm gonna go the friday..how bout everyone else?
  5. Armin van Buuren @ Pacha, Fri 3/16

    shitty weather but gonna be a great night! see you on the dance floor!
  6. Armin van Buuren @ Pacha, Fri 3/16

    holy crap! is this 18+?!
  7. Studio Mezmor's Upcoming Line-Up!

    any of these events gonna be 18+?
  8. JAMES ZABIELA @ PACHA | Fri 2/9

    im wondering the same..fridays are 18+ but since this is a performance idk anyone got the heads up?
  9. Turning 18 tomm, where to?!

    ohh facades..good call..im building up the list haha
  10. Turning 18 tomm, where to?!

    thanks for the look out, im def going to any pacha event i can..is this friday (the 9th i believe), 18+? besides pacha, what else can i hit up?
  11. Turning 18 tomm, where to?!

    Sup guys, I'm new to the boards here at CP but I've been on the site a lot. I'm finally turning 18 tomorrow, so I want to start making a list of what places I can actually hit up. Pacha is 18+ on fridays right? Because if it is, I'm there every friday lol. I also heard Avalon had an 18+ night, Webster Hall..I know Copa does but that's being shut down I think. Crobar, err, Club Mezgay, is always 21+ right?, cuz I'm DYING to go. Anyways, so what you guys think? Let me know, thanks!