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  1. VERY VERY Sad News.......

    I wanted to let you all know.. that as of January 2009 THE END will be closing its doors for ever and i for one will whole heartedly miss that place.. I have had some amazing gigs in that club and met some amazing people.. it really is a sad day for me. There will be only 2 more VIVA Harlem Nights JUST 2 and believe me they are going to be special.. I WILL be playing till the end.. and i will be pulling out all the harlem nights classics from that last 7 years.. and for the closing which will also be the 7th birthday i am going to bring in a live performance from someone Very very special indeed and i mean mega! speacial.. So i hope you can ALL join us on these momentous 2 party's I want to say a very big thank you to all the regulars that come to viva harlem nights.. i know this sounds cheesy, but it really is you lot that have made the night so special, seeing the same faces again and again is what makes the night feel so intimate and personal.. i thank everyone for coming and sharing good vibes and above all good music The End will be sadly sadly missed I wish Layo and all the end family who really have been a treat to work with, very nice people.. the kind of people that make life that bit nicer.. i wish them all the best with there new adventures.. They certainly deserve it, there hard work and comitment has brought light, fun and happiness into so many peoples lives.. there decision wasn't an easy one but i respect it fully. and thank them for there passion and faith in harlem nights over the last 7 years.. VIVA HARLEM NIGHTS.. forever Steve. x Post is from Steve chatboard