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  1. I'll fly from Beijing,China to the party! Wait for me! Charles Qin Beijing,China
  2. Hi,Charles Qin,new here!

    It is hot pot they are enjoying,very popular here in Beijing,China,but it seems that they do not know how to begin. Can anybody here tell them how ? Charles Qin Beijing,China
  3. Hi,Charles Qin,new here!

    What's next after saying hi ? Charles Qin
  4. Hi,Charles Qin,new here!

    It's interesting! I wish you a pleasant stay in Beijing! Charles Qin
  5. Hi,Charles Qin,new here!

    I don't know what you are talking about! Charles Qin
  6. Hi,Charles Qin,new here!

    Welcome to Beijing,China! Come over to have a drink or cantact me if you like. I wish you a good time next week here! Charles Qin
  7. Hi,Charles Qin,new here!

    Hey, I'm new here.I'm from Beijing,China wishing to make friends here. I like pubs or clubs.There are many in Beijing also.Contact me at www.partyapartyb.com when you are in Beijing some day. Charlie Qin Beijing,China