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  1. Sheryl Mandel of Integrity Publicity Special Invite MERLIN CASTELL ~Fashion Designer To the Stars~ Presents The Mysteries of Atlantis Revealed An Enlightening Fashion and Entertainment Experience Friday April 20, 2007 Montmarte Lounge Hollywood 6757 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 Cross Street Hollywood and Highland *Montmartre Lounge/Day After Nightclub* www.mlhollywood.com Montmarte Lounge Hollywood This sleek, modern hotspot has become a playground for young Hollywood pros and the celebrities they worship. Legend says that the Montmartre was where the term "see and be seen" was coined. That motto still holds true for today's Montmartre Lounge, home to Leonardo DiCaprio's Aviator premiere party, Alicia Keys' Grammy after-party and more.Though the multi-roomed playpen is located on the opposite corner of the Hollywood & Highland complex, the Montmartre Lounge is hard to find. The front entrance is completely blacked out and the sign is an "ML" painted on the small, white awning. (Enter around the corner on Highland Avenue and climb the spectacular staircase to get inside.) Even on the colorful, candlelit balcony, which serves as an outdoor lounge and the path inside, the hustle and bustle of Hollywood Boulevard already feels miles away. Under a discreet white awning bearing only a simple insignia, stiletto-strutting starlets ascend a fairy-tale staircase. This nightclub was actually the first ever in Hollywood, opening its doors in the '20s to such legends as Howard Hughes and Clark Gable. A complete renovation uncovered an immaculate two-story space of multiple dance floors, three bars, a cushy lounge area and an outdoor smoking patio. Elite revelers seek refuge in the club's VIP room,with its own dance floor, ultra-white lounge and balcony. DARE YOU MISS THIS EVENT??? ONLY $ 20 AT THE DOOR DOORS OPEN 9:00PM ~OPEN BAR 9:30-10:30PM~ SPONSORED BY SILK VODKA PRESS COMPS AVAILABLE VIP Bottle Service Available ~For Celebrity or VIP Services Please Call for Reservations: 323.465.5369~ ~Guestlist & Vip Reservations~ Please RSVP [email protected] ENTERTAINMENT BY blackcowboy CECY B FPOWER 106 WILL DJ THE NIGHT AWAY TIL MIDNIGHT ************************************ A NIGHT OF ENTERTAINMENT AND COUTURE FASHION *********************************** MERLIN CASTELL The Mysteries of Atlantis Revealed A FASHION EXPERIENCE FRIDAY APRIL 20, 2007 FASHION REVELA BEGINS AT12:30 AM PRESS COMPS AVAILABLE VIP Bottle Service Available ~For Celebrity or VIP Services Please Call for Revervations: 323.465.5369~ ~Guestlist & Vip Reservations~ ~Please submit your clients to publicist Sheryl Mandel~ Please RSVP [email protected] *********************************************** Designer Merlin Castell is best known for his Haute Coutour tailored fitted jackets crafted from highly unusual fabrication. Mr. Castell's extraordinary pieces are highly sought after by celebrities in the televsion, film and music industries. The Merlin Castell line has a high hip factor ranking and has become the most talked about designer collection recently. From Mr.Castell's Metro Wear ranging in prices from $150-$1,000.00 to his custom made and couture garments that can sell for more than $10,000.00- Castell creations can be seen on such hit shows as the O.C. plus numerous celebrities including Lenny Kravitz and Paris Hilton. This ultra hip designer has recently been voted "One OF The Top Ten To Watch Out For" by The Pool Trade Show. Mr. Castell, born in Honduras, has an innate affinity for fashion and a keen eye for style. Castell never dreamed that he would be so fortunate as to craft a career out of what he loves doing the most. "My jounrey has been very magical" says Castell. *********************************************************** Merlin Castell's casual bump into the fashion industry was almost never pursued.The youngest in a family consisting of four boys and three girls, young Castell was always consulted for his "nod of approval" when it came to any fashion decisions. Oddly enough, Castell started off as an architecture major in college, but was then redirected by a professor who recognized young Castell's true talent. Castell then chose to follow his passion. ******************************************************************************************* "I studied fashion in Mexico, where my style was compared to Frida Khalp.I the continued my studies in Italy where my specialty was working with leather, but there were times I couldn't afford it. I then started applying my ideas to fabric, which became the beginnings of my signature style. ********************************************************** "In the late 90's Castell, finishing his studies and living in Milan was proving to be a prime talent. He then made the decision to move to United States. He arrived in Los Angeles and landed a job at Hot Kiss. then to the ultra hip store Red Balls where he became their head designer. While there Castell designed for celebrities Paula Abdul, N'Sync. Marilyn Mason and the magic keeps flowing... ~For Celebrity or VIP Services Please Call for Reservations: 323.465.5369~ ~Guestlist & Vip Reservations~ ~ Please submit your clients to publicist Sheryl Mandel~ Please RSVP [email protected] A Vision Revealed "I believe a true designer is one who can bring forth a new concept..... a new vision.... a new belief" Merlin Castell www.merlincastell.com www.myspace.com/merlincastell www.mlhollywood.com www.myspace.com/blackcowboymusic -A very special event- Please don't miss this!! Best, Sheryl Mandel [email protected] www.myspace.com/integritypr 3