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  1. Do you Want to Sundance?

    sounds great to me!
  2. I liked some of those colorful costumes those dancers had there...I wouldn't mind a crobar again in NYC! It was a great mixed crowd!
  3. Bringing Back Cp Meetups & Open Decks

    somthing needs to happen to revitalise our nightlife experiences in NYC...This sounds like a good start! wish the BEST!
  4. looks like u had fun: more peeps should celebrate their bday like you, HaPy Belated & 2008;-)
  5. didn't look too packed, but sound like he was rockin it!
  6. yo who likes our party @ avalon now? ?? ?

    thought avalon was supposed to be an h& m store now!
  7. hmm..... Sounds, looks very doable:)