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  1. Yes, yet another new person!!

    There isnt a whole lot around here to do....I havent been to Miami in a long time. I didnt even make it to WMC this year. I mostly go up to Tampa for shows and such. Im going on April 20 to celebrate my birthday at the J Break, Agent K, Bella and Trixie show. My birthday is April 23 so its perfect!
  2. Yes, yet another new person!!

    Hey all, the name is Carmen and I am going to be 27 on April 23! I live in Bonita Springs, FL and I love EDM. I am a severe breaks and DnB head and I love to dance and go clubbing. Yes, I have a myspace account: http://www.myspace.com/theprqueen, so feel free to add me. I do a lot of promoting for my friends and I help out trying to make their radio station bigger and better. Check out: http://www.counterfeitbeats.com some time if you like breaks and house. Ok, enough advertising....Ive lived in Florida about 21 years now and I love it here. Im studying Criminal Justice in college at the moment and should have my AA by the end of this year. I am currently single and I just love to meet new people and talk to new people. So, I hope to run into some of you around here....Im gonna go jam to some dnb now! Peeeeeeeeace!! -C