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  1. Victor @ Cielo tonite

    Victor was at his best as far as Muzik goes. But there was no air, way too hot. I still enjoyed it because muzik was insane, And thats all it matters. Crowd was amazing too. Loved every second of it. Party was as Sick as it gets. There was one guy with " Got Victor?" shirt. I want that shirt:)))
  2. BORIS BEACH PARTY @ PACHA | Saturday 6/9

    i just dont get the idea. beach party at Pacha? not so skimpy beats? what is the whole thing about?
  3. just cant resist. its a MUST for clubbers. I hope they dont close by noon.
  4. I finally woke up as a normal person today. It took me a while. Feels good to be back.
  5. yea i got fucked up like never before, partied hard, but recovery is just so long. thanx Bella, thats what i am doing, relaxing and staying out of activities. And most terrible thing about it, is that somebody(u know what i am talking about) doesnt wanna wake up. damnnnnnnnnnnn.
  6. Boris International tour

    We Left Prive at 5am, just right after Chus&Ceballos and friends finished their small but sweet event. Great Music, excellent DJ line-up. Then we headed to Space for Deep Dish, but looking at the 500 ppl outside trying to get in kinda made us change our minds. One of our friends knew bouncer at Nocturnal so we got in easily. Lotsa space to dance. And then it started... Hard, driving beats turned the place upside down. Around 9am we went upstairs... It got even better. I think Boris on sunday morning on terrace was something; I was amazed with the amount of energy crowd generated. It was one of the most remembered events at WMC 07, really. I also enjoyed best of DT and Victor at Twilo. They were fenomenal as they always are. Sound was out of this world.
  7. Actualy i am taking 5-HTP with double strength 100mg. Helps a lil, but not a whole lot.
  8. Since monday, the day i flew back from Miami, where i had best time in my life, i feel like it is the worst time in my life, how ackward is that? I ve been sick, my brains not functioning, fever, overall weakness and all the bad things that can happen to a person. Its getting scary. So, i am asking to WMC veterans to give me some advices. I think there are lotta people in the same situation. Thanx. Zee.