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  1. mixed crowd parties/clubs??

    thanks for the replies, guys. lemme point out tho, i'm from NEW YORK with that said... silverbull: they are coming in June mikdondadon22: lol. havent been there in years. is it wack?? ghhhhhost: i'll keep it in mind. sidoolongo: ...yeah, ok. Househead_CJ: i feel ya. i havent been out in a minute, so i'm out of the loop right now. well, i got 2 months to narrow it down. they are gonna be here for 2 weekends, 9 days. (friday night to the following sunday) holla
  2. wassup CP? new to the site. been lurking for a minute, but finally decided to join. anway, here's the deal. i have 6 friends coming to town from virginia and atl and i wanted to know where some good MIXED crowd clubs were. i say this because my friends are mixed. 2 white, 3 black, and 1 chinese. they like r&b and rap mostly, but can mess with pop too. the only club i can think of off the top of my head is Webster hall. i'm trying to make a good impression, 'cause i'll be going to their spots this summer. i hear a lot about the clubs in ATL, but i told my boy NY is better. i'm looking for a place(s) where it's just straight up fun,crowded, dark, not rowdy(my friends claim some ny clubs are dangerous. -punks- lol), and the different races mingle. <--- this being a plus. too much to ask? lemme know. and thanks in advance. gotta get my..... swerveon