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  1. Junior Vasquez

    junior ripped it at santos last night! sound system was beyond bad with opening dj and about 1/2 hour into juniors set. then, music stops for a few minutes and when it came back on it was pumping night and day difference! place was very packed and vibe was great. junior was on top of his game and i would love to see him there once a month. perfect fit!
  2. Cielo is closed but junior is moving his holiday party to asseteria. More to come.
  3. Junior Vasquez

    i heard jp from 10 to 2, junior 2 to 6, jp 6 to close
  4. Junior Vasquez

    easily over 3000 people at juniors pride party
  5. jp and junior working together again.... sweeeeet! exact date tba, but im thinking last saturday in august.
  6. first off ill say that jps set was just ok. nothing to write home about. when jps set was done and he lowered the music, junior (who was in the booth) stood up, applauded jp and reached his hand out to shake jp (NICE). when junior came on he was spinning from a different area in the booth with his own setup. right away you noticed a big improvement in sound quality. junior was ON from beginning to end working the shit out of every track. his set was fierce and i will invite anybody to elaborate on the tracks played. place was huge and packed. i would say about 3000 people. i dont mean any disrespect when i say this cause i like jp, but im sure most people would agree that junior spanked jp yesterday. thanx junior for a fierce party.
  7. Junior Vasquez

    i would say at least 1000 people but count on way more
  8. that pic is better i guess the way she/he looks depends when she/he is on or off the shit. ill pass either way. now jennie finch on the other hand is very delicious. thats my kind of athlete.
  9. if either of the williams sisters walked past you in a club, you would most definitely say that was a tranny. seriously, someone should peek over the stall at a tennis match and see what they're packing. pics above say it all... ivanovic= babe serena= mutation
  10. Junior Vasquez

    do you even have a job you quacked out little bird shit!!!
  11. jp pacha cd

    what the fuck is that!!! i gave it a chance and listened to the whole thing but was very disappointed. way too mellow. i love jp but come on. where is the old bangin jp that i used to know.
  12. Junior Vasquez

  13. What was the.........

    and he's still serving us!!!
  14. Junior Vasquez

    the only effect you posts will get you will be your demise.