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  1. Name: Bely Medved (Polar Bear) Address: Russia, Moscow Prospect Mira, 116a Telephone: 687-5822 www.berloga.ru Hours: 21.00-6.00, bar opens at 18.00 Entry: $ 35, before 21.00, no charge Private Dance: $ 40/one song or $ 115/three songs. Private room: $ 58/hr. Chill-out with karaoke, mini-stage w/pole and douche cabin: $ 115/hr., $ 250/night. Bely Medved is quite a ways from the center of the city, but if you take the metro (subway), it’s not too bad. Take the orange line to Alexseevskaya, which is just 2 stops beyond Prospect Mira. The club is right on Prospect Mira, maybe 100 meters from the Metro. Just look for the big, well… Polar Bear. Bely Мedved is one of the best clubs in the city. If you’ve never been there, it’s definitely worth the trip. It’s a bit pricey for me to hang out there all the time, but it’s a nice treat once in a while. If I had a couple grand to blow of an evening, that’s the place where I would do it. The big problem used to be for somebody, there was no sex on the premises, but it looks like they’ve remedied that with the private rooms. The buy-out is also a little steep, but, given the quality of the female dancers there, it’s not out of line, depending on what you can negotiate. They have 3 stages. The two downstairs stages is topless only and the upstairs stage is nude dancing sometimes. The downstairs stage is on their web cam, so you can watch the action on the internet. Cams working during 20.00 - 5.00 (by Moscow time) Links is as follows: Upper stage 512K - http://www.berloga.ru/on-line_video/1236 Upper stage 256K - http://www.berloga.ru/on-line_video/1237 Lower stage 512K - http://www.berloga.ru/on-line_video/1234 Lower stage 256K - http://www.berloga.ru/on-line_video/1235