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  1. New Cinder Road Music Video

    Cinder Road- Get In Get Out new music video. I just watched it and it was awesome. If you have time definitely check it out sometime- YouTube or MySpace!
  2. Super Human

    The new CD Super Human by Cinder Road is awesome!! I love their stuff!!
  3. Eve to Adam

    Eve to Adam is a band I love. They have such a good sound and I can't wait till their album "QUEENS to EDEN" comes out in June. If you get the chance pick one up it is going to be sooo... good!
  4. Eve to Adam

    Eve to Adam is playing in buffalo New York on the 23rd, of June so this is just a heads up!
  5. 151

    New song I've been listening to 151 by Eve to Adam, it is a real rock song!
  6. Listen Up!

    LISTEN UP! Eve to Adam is on tour now and they are rockin' the crowds, they are being talked about by many artists like Creed and STP, if they dig em' so will you check out their web site and their my space to see history in the making