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  1. Luv and Lodi

    Hello Everyone, Please allow us to reintroduce ourselves. Just wanted to say hello to any fans that may have missed us over the years. We took a break from the club biz several years back. The stresses of 9-11 and other downfalls of the club business took it's toll on us. For those of you who never heard of us we hope you will soon. We were the residents of the Soundfactory on Friday nights for many years (when it was open). We are back now and look forward to playing for you again. We miss you guys and hope that we can play for you all again soon. Hope you all understand, and hope you will welcome us back. BTW... There is some imposter using the screename luvandlodi. Any comments posted by this guy have no reflection on our feelings thoughts or expressions. Anyone that would like to contact us on myspace we can be reached at www.myspace.com/luvandlodi. Thanks, See you all soon! Luv & Lodi
  2. i did all of you a favor. must read

    Hello Everyone, This is A-Luv from the real Luv and Lodi. I don't know who the imposter is but just want to set the record straight. If the post does not have the three letters "djs" in front of the luvandlodi it is not our expressed comments. I would ask that whoever is using our name please stop. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. A-Luv