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  1. Banned from NCC

    no you didn't take the pic. you know very well that i hit the wrong command in an IM. you were taunting me for months b4 that pic was finally posted on NCC. .u knew i was under stress bc of my biochem practical and i begged you not to fuck around with the pic. you simple want to abuse me bc i am a stranger and i guess it has been out of my hands. i do not appreciate being IMed a year later with a link to the pic which is somehow hosted on myspace. i can understand how internet jokes work and whatnot and the reason why you were banned is bc my friend runs that site and yes they do wish not to be a part of internet games on this level. thanQ for teaching me a lesson... idon't understand where you get attention whore from. and somehow i have dieases? i dunno in the years ive seen you online you gave off the impression of being intelligent and abusive but this moody turn you made on me did hurt me. i guess your goal was to make me upset and you did. yes you did humiliate me and the pic has gotten pretty far.. it even reached my family and job. i got fired. my family is rather disturbed and whatnot. my dad didn't speak to me until after the new year. i mean im guessing this is what you wanted and you got it. i figure i give you the update. o but i did score an A on my biochem practical. i would have tried to kill myself if i screwed that up b/c it's my life's priority. fact is you destroyed me for a good six months. i am definitly jaded by the internet.. but then again... im glad i'm not you.