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  1. I booked Pleasurehead (Stuck on Earth, NYC) for an event on Saturday June, 30th. I had never seen him live myself, however many friends of mine had seen him several times and said that he "Killed" it. Well that's not what happened at my show. Pleasurehead pissed on my event....literally!!!! When Pleasurehead, the self proclaimed, "Trance Perculator", arrived at Afterlife in Dallas, he should have "Perculated" himself some coffee. Being that this was the first time I had met him, I was unaware that he was piss drunk and blew off his wild antics as him just being a weird guy. I had found out from security staff after the event, that Pleasurehead had passed out in one of the lounge areas of the venue before his set. ( I was spinning at the time). When he finally made it to the decks, he trainwrecked all but 3 mixes and literally cleared the dancefloor, which remained empty until the next DJ came on. There was around 600 in attendance, so it was not a case where there was just no one to dance, and believe me, Dallas is a dancin crowd. Here's the kicker. After his set, Pleasurehead was so drunk that he could barely speak. We linked him up with the individual that was to take him to his hotel. We were waiting in front of the venue entrance for the driver to bring his car around when Pleasurehead decided to take a piss, directly in front of the entrance to the venue. As a Dj and promotor, I have seen a lot of shit, but I have never in my career been so disrespected. Because he was so drunk, I waited until the next day to let Pleasurehead know how I felt about the situation. Because I didn't recieve the performance I paid for, I asked him for a refund of his performance fees. I told him that I would eat the money for the plane ticket, but I wanted the performance fee to be refunded. He claimed that he spun a perfect set, that the dancefloor was packed the whole time, and refused to give me a refund. Well, Pleasurehead, the party reviews are up. Go to www.dallasdancemusic.com/forums/party-reviews it's all there. The level of unprofessionaIity displayed by Pleasurehead here is blatently obvious. I am not the trash talking type, and have never publically said hurtful things about another artist before, but this is where I draw the line. Pleasurehead, I just want you to do the right thing, refund my money. Until then, I will make it my duty, to make sure that other promoters don't make the same mistake I did by booking you.