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  1. VONYC Sessions World Tour w/ PAUL VAN DYK @ Cameo, Sat 6/21

    I went...it was amazing, I danced like crazy xD!!! I love Paul Van Dyk.
  2. I've got my tickets! Yeeeeaaaah! who else is going?
  3. Paul Van Dyk @ Space and Cameo

    Please, can somebody recommend me which one is better to go? 6/21/2008 - Cameo Rocks! welcomes Paul Van Dyk @ CAMEO | Miami Beach, FL Paul Van Dyk in Cameo along with an opening set by resident DJ Shawn Rudnick. Upstairs in Vice DJ Ruen OR 6/22/2008 - PAUL VAN DYK "VONYC SESSIONS WORLD TOUR 2008" 1ST TERRACE SET EVER! @ Space Miami | Miami, FL Paul Van Dyk I'm guessing it would be better to go to the VONYC SESSIONS WORLD TOUR...but I don't know the difference
  4. Any clubs in miami 18+?

    Thank you for your responses:)
  5. Any clubs in miami 18+?

    Please, I'm 20 and I don't know where to go to have fun and experience miami's nightlife. I've been living here for a short period, and wanted you to recomend me any clubs for 18+... in my country I can drink and enter to any fucking club...but here is different. Thanks beforehand, I'd really apreciate any recomendation:)
  6. Is it strictly only for 21+? how about if I'm 20? do they let me in? (new to this country). It seems I will never see Tiesto live .