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  1. First time in Vegas, Where should I be?!

    Not 30 guys bra! 30 of us... I don't know like 10 guys and 20 girls er something. And dude if it was 30 guys I'm pretty sure none of us would care where we went. The girls are the one I have in mind when I ask where should we go so they get the most drunk and have the most fun. The girls are th eones that heard of Foam parties but I was thinking the only thing we'd find was maybe bubble parties or jello wrestling. But thank you for that suggestion on Seamless we'll check it out. Karwasche
  2. Friends are getting married there are nearly 30 of us and we want to go to the best bars and the best clubs. We all hate Hip hop, top 40s, and 1000+ clubs. But we heard of Foam Parties and we want the unique Vegas experiance of flaming drinks, beats that won't quit, and enough room to relax. There has to be a place. Also if someone knows a really awesome Strip club for a bachelor party I personally will be very gratefull. Karwasche