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  1. Junior Vasquez

    I'm so happy to see all these new dates on his MySpace! I'm LOVING 2 dates in Chicago and back to Montreal for Parking! Already blocked out my dates in Outlook to go Vasquez following!! Love my little road trips to hear the master in fun towns!
  2. Junior Vasquez

    ok, I see Club Planet converted my links to little media players. Copy these links to a new browser window, but do NOT include the spaces!! www . saintatlarge . com / audio / salem / salem 8 .mp3 www . saintatlarge . com / audio / salem / salem 9 .mp3 www . saintatlarge . com / audio / salem / salem 10 .mp3 www . saintatlarge . com / audio / salem / salem 12 .mp3 www . saintatlarge . com / audio / salem / salem 13 .mp3
  3. Junior Vasquez

    Rather than download a re-ripped conversion of the original files, I would suggest simply snatching the real original files that do not get re-encoded again. Right click & save these. If it opens in Windows Media Player, just click File>Save As once the file starts playing to save the file to your computer. http://www.saintatlarge.com/audio/salem/salem8.mp3 http://www.saintatlarge.com/audio/salem/salem9.mp3 http://www.saintatlarge.com/audio/salem/salem10.mp3 http://www.saintatlarge.com/audio/salem/salem12.mp3 http://www.saintatlarge.com/audio/salem/salem13.mp3
  4. Junior Vasquez

    That phot is amazing!! It totally shows that 2 of the biggest DJs in history really do get along, and like to have fun TOGETHER!! And that's what makes this party so cool! MUSIC, especially HOUSE MUSIC, Makes the people ALL Come Together! People need to stop bickering over who they think is going to be better, or "turn eachother out" and focus more on the fact that 2 VERY TALENTED men want to have a fun party, and both are looking forward to showing off their talents to the people who enjoy & admire them, and not to put any other DJ in their place. Its all about having a great time! These men, are just like me and every other DJ! We play music because we LOVE WHAT WE DO, AND WE LOVE MAKING PEOPLE WHO SHARE OUR LOVE CELEBRATE WITH US!!! This party is not shady, it's FIERCE!!! IT'S MOTHER FUCKING FIERCE!!! And I can't thank Saint At Large enough for starting this trend of great parties that are squashing the negative rummors and stories that NYC's best DJs can't get along and jam out together. I'll see you all in Salem! Barney! PS: I gave up concert tickets, a pre-paid hotel & flight to Oakland California to see Madonna just so I could not miss this event! This is going to put the "Champions" & "Clash" parties to SHAME!
  5. Junior Vasquez

    Will you save a dance for me donaldm? ~B~
  6. Junior Vasquez

    I will autographed any prints of this flyer!! Hell, I will pay you back your admission if you didn't get in for free if you seriously bring this print out to me and ask me to sign it! And I'll give you a shiney red apple too! BARNEY!!
  7. Junior Vasquez

    Sure, i keep most of them. Had a few computer issues that caused me to loose a few shows, but I still have most of them. Just send me an e-mail (One linked to this account) and i will get you a link to download the set your after. Barney
  8. Junior Vasquez

    Actually, BOTH of these pictures were taken with MY camera! So you lie when you say you took the picture. YOu did not take EITHER of them! I know exactly who took both of them, and they were 2 different people, and both very dear friends of mine. People who you are currently bad mouthing. The picture of Jason was from the Red Party at Pacha and you did simply crop him out of a picture of the two of us. The group picture of myself, Jiffy, and Bryce were at Junior's Pride party at SOL. You simply stole them off my MySpace page and had way too much fun in Photoshop (Too much free time on your hands???) Try getting a job at Digital editing, it pays well. Hell try getting a job period. Thanks for the forehead lift, I always felt I was a bit short, and being so close to Halloween, The Herman Munster look can be pulled off this season. As for my friends, I know what they REALLY look like, and all the digital efforts at making them look ugly will NEVER change the fact that they are all FAR from UGLY on the inside! In fact these are some of the kindest and most beautiful people I have ever known! Perhaps you should try to be friends with them, rather than trash them. You know god hates the Ugly, and from all these nasty posts, you sure sound ugly deep down inside, and once again, the inside is something no editing in Photoshop can change! ~Barney