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  1. they wouldn't let me into Pacha!!!

    Do they scan the ids with a machine, or do they just look. Cheers, and thanks for the answer.
  2. they wouldn't let me into Pacha!!!

    Can someone help me out. Im turning 18 in two months, but my friends have a ticket for me to go to pacha next sat, and Im dieing to. I do not even want to drink, I just want to dance and enjoy the music. How strict are the bouncers with the fake ids, do they scan them, uv, etc?, or do they just look at it and let you in. Also can bouncers be bribed? Thanks for your replys. By the way, lets please avoid the sanctimonious banter of clubbers over 21, who have short memories when it comes to be being underage. If you have only negative unhelpful things to say, please dont say them.