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  1. Sense Your Mind Stockholm 2008.02.06

    Sense Your Mind... Soon /Reign Crew www.reignpr.com
  2. SENSE YOUR MIND STOCKHOLM STOCKHOLM / GÖTA KÄLLARE / WEDNESDAY 2008.02.06 / 22:00-03:00 The first Sense Your Mind event in July with Kamui and A*S*Y*S proved to be a great show and it’s time for the sequel this time with Ãœberdruck, Tommy Pulse, Ultraform and Sunstate. Watch trailer at www.senseyourmind.com Sense Your Mind Stockholm Tickets available on Ticnet Presale ticket price: 220 SEK (Excl. service fee) (18 years) www.ticnet.se, call 077-170 70 70 or visit your local ATG Retailer. Ticket Price at door: 250 SEK (20 years) A limited number of presale tickets are available trough our partners 2008.01.26. Ticket Price: 220 SEK (18 Years) C.U.M CLUBWEAR Tel: 08-10 40 18 Drottninggatan 71D Mon-Fri 12:00-18:00 Sat 12:00-16:00 SATURN RETURN Tel: 08-21 20 89 Tyska Brinken 32 Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00 Sat 11:00-16:00 INTERNATIONAL DJ SERVICE Tel: 08-25 80 20 Sveavägen 139 Mon-Fri 11:30-18:30 Sat 12:00-15:00 ÃœBERDRUCK Style: Hardtrance Origin: Germany Members: Dirk Nothroff, David Rzenno Activity: 1993-2007 Read more: http://www.djthecrow.de, http://www.myspace.com/uberdruckrecords Latest release: â€Ãœberdruck & Mass In Orbit - XTC Love†- Ãœberdruck Records You are about to know one of the gems in the hardtrance history. Releasing hit after hit their work has been raised up to the top of the industry with quality tracks and remixes. Always working 100% to create the most dirty sound and vocals Ãœberdrucks music can always be trusted to create the bomb at the dancefloor. This overdrive of sound and intensity can only be described as, Ãœberdruck. TOMMY PULSE Style: Hardtrance Origin: Holland Members:Bas Tichelaar Activity: 1995-2007 Read more:http://www.tommypulse.nlLatest release: â€Fausto & Tommy Pulse - Poison†- Stealth Industries Riding on the top of the hardtrance industry with his own label Stealth Industries, Bas Tichelaar also known as Tommy Pulse is one act to remember. At the same time as he is hard he is melodic but always makes an impact on whatever music style he is creating. Active since the mid 90's he is a true artist with a clear goal in mind. ULTRAFORM Style: Hardtrance Origin: Sweden Members: Fabian Kempe Activity: 2004-2007 Read more: http://www.myspace.com/ultraform Latest release: “Ultraform – I’m In Your Head†– Venom Recordings With integrity and personal taste Ultraform stands today in the forefront of the hardtrance sound. He is an interesting blend of stage performance, quality music, mixing skills and raw energy. With the album "Sense Your Mind" he established the official Ultraform sound in 2006 with tracks like "Do You Know", "I Chi Gai Koh" and "Music is Movin". His live performance became an extension of the same feeling and attitude in his music. Ultraform on stage is a dark theatrical show with extreme raw energy. See a man who is obsessed with the ultra powerful form of sound. Ultraform. SUNSTATE Style: Techtrance Origin: Sweden Members: Jonas Stenberg Activity: 2000-2007 Read more:http://www.myspace.com/spiraleye Latest release: â€Spiral Eye - The Climate†– Musical Madness This is definitely one of Swedens most promising and upcoming talents there is in the big techtrance scene. Jonas Stenberg also known as Sunstate, Spiral Eye or Overworld seem to take advantage of every moment he has to put out an ongoing and endless catalogue of rhythms and beats. At the start of his career we can insure you that this is far from the last time you will see this young man show his way of the techy side of dance music. REIGN AT FACEBOOK Be a member of our Facebook group â€Reign PR†by clickning here You can share photos and videos, leave a comment or request an artist. /Reign Crew www.reignpr.com
  3. THE HUMAN PROJECT FILE 1: ”THE SEARCH” Tickets available now on Ticnet! www.ticnet.se, callcenter 077-1707070 or visit your local ATG retailer. More information available on: http://www.reignpr.com/thehumanproject/ /Reign Crew www.reignpr.com
  4. THE HUMAN PROJECT FILE 1: _THE SEARCH_ With Endymion (NL) and Thilo & Evanti (NL). LIMITED PRESALE TICKET RELEASE: 2007-12-01 (Available at International DJ Service, Saturn Return, C.U.M Clubwear in Stockholm) TICNET RELEASE: 2007-12-10 www.ticnet.se, callcenter 077-1707070 or visit your local ATG retailer. More information will be available later on: http://www.reignpr.com/thehumanproject/ /Reign Crew www.reignpr.com
  5. Reign PR presents a new Swedish hardstyle and hardcore concept in Stockholm with premiere January 2008. THE HUMAN PROJECT FILE 1: "THE SEARCH" STOCKHOLM / GÖTA KÄLLARE / WEDNESDAY 2008.01.16 / 22:00-03:00 â€Light is said to travel faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast it will always find that darkness is already there waiting for it. It is a part of everything and everyone and only the ones embracing it’s power can learn their true potential. Life is not about black and white it is about combining the two. And only then can you be complete. You have been chosen for The Human Project.†The Human Project will present hard techno, hardstyle and hardcore and the big stars for the premiere are Endymion (NL) and Thilo & Evanti (NL). TICKETS OUT NOW! www.ticnet.se, callcenter 077-170 70 70 or visit your local ATG or Ticnet retailer. There are still limited presale tickets available at International DJ Service, Saturn Return, C.U.M Clubwear in Stockholm. ENDYMION Style: Hardcore Origin: Holland Members: Bart Revier, Bas Lint, Jelle Neys Active: 1997-2007 Read more: http://www.endymion.nl http://www.myspace.com/endymionnl Latest release: “Endymion - Chains Of Commitment†– Enzyme Records Endymion is best described as energetic, hard and industrial. Regardless of the size and location of the party Endymion is guaranteed to raise the atmosphere a few notches. The crowd interaction during their performance is definitely one of the most important aspects. This spectacular show loaded with intention, amazing crowd interaction, and new material will no doubt blow you away. And most importantly even more than 1000% of raw energy just the way we want it. THILO & EVANTI Style: Hardstyle Origin: Holland Members: Thilo Spaans, Vincent Van Elburg Active: 2003-2007 Read more: http://www.djthilo.com Latest release:â€Thilo & Evanti - Resistance†– StraightOn Black While digging in the deepest corner of music you will find these two possesed producers putting out the most distorted and blending music there is. One can only agree that it is a perfect fit for the darkest among us. Thilo & Evanti knows exactly how to handle dark drums and sounds to make any dancefloor just scream words of evil. X-CORE Style: Techno Origin: Sweden Members: Frans Johan Björk Activity: 1995-2007 Read more: http://www.myspace.com/audiorvlt Latest release: â€X-Core & Kevin V – The Dusty Vinyl†– Terrorcore.com There are few that can show you hell and bring you back. With only a few minutes to prove that he is the one link between techno and the deepest corners of schranz he always deliver with no questions asked. With releases and licensings to labels like DNA Tracks, Audiovold and Enzyme, X-Core has proven to be one of Swedes most merited artists within this genre. More information available on: http://www.reignpr.com/thehumanproject/ /Reign Crew www.reignpr.com