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  1. Bringing Back Cp Meetups & Open Decks

    Thanks and I think I had heard he had made the big move!
  2. Bringing Back Cp Meetups & Open Decks

    Thanks maybe I had heard that!
  3. Bringing Back Cp Meetups & Open Decks

    Where the hell is MugWump? I have not seen him for years -- last time was a party after PS 1 (I think)...
  4. looking for oldtimers stacychase and apotheoisis

    I am back! Hi everyone... I now live back in Dallas, Texas --- so good to know that everyone is alive and well. Shannon I am coming to NY in Feb my child, lets party like old times!!! Watch out...
  5. Bringing Back Cp Meetups & Open Decks

    My goodness those meet ups used to be a blast. I have left NY, but was digging through pics the other day and found some from those days. This was a great community and with some minor work, could be a blast again.
  6. Shopping for a Girlfriend

    Henri Bendel!
  7. So Cute, I'm Smoking!

    Rejoined yesterday. Anyhoooo hello there.
  8. So Cute, I'm Smoking!

    Always been staceychase....
  9. So Cute, I'm Smoking!

    Welcome to the board, I am a newbie bounce back. I had been gone for a number of years and decided to get engaged again.
  10. Things have really changed

    When did CP get this lovely face lift? staceychase