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Unwanted Love


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Bare with me on this one.

My ex calls me after two years of not seeing each other at all, and offers to hang out. Me being me I never refuse people, I agree to "hang out". The whole evening we are discussing random things, movies, traveling, school, etc, there is aboslutely no hinting on us getting back together, until it's time to leave the car. All these questions start coming in my direction -Do you miss me, the times that we had, and etc and etc. Quite frankly I don't miss the times that we had, although we were together for almost 3 years, I was pretty blunt about it and told her straight off that no, we grew appart from each other too much, and I am on a totaly different wave length. Basicly the whole conversation was revolving around how good she felt when we were together and how hard it is to be without me. Of course this was a huge ego boost, but quite honestly I hate when people blow smoke up my ass. I hear what I see, words cannot erase memories. I end up telling her all those things, but there is this huge sexual attraction to her, after all the girl is gorgeous, plus i haven't had sex for almost a month, so we get it on. This is after we spent at least two hours talking about just being friends. Pathetic, I know, totally killed the concept that I was trying to pursue. The thing is I don't want to lead her on, don't want her to think that we are back together, I don't even want her to think that there is a chance between us. You think I spoiled everything by having sex with her, gave her hope that I so not wanted to give.

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Ok babes..this is a toughy..I think that by having sex with her you definitely gave her some idea of hope. I mean I guess your manly instincts couldn't refuse the sex, but it may have messed up things further. She may want a relationship, or even want to have sex more. You should definitely NOT have sex with her again. You don't want to lead her on further. B/c its pretty obvious that she still has feelings for you and yearns for what you guys used to have. Maybe you should explain to her that what you did last night was a mistake and that you don't want anyone to get hurt. Both your lives are different, things have changed its been 2 years....Just hope that she didn't read more into the sex aspect of what happend last night. Cause you don't need someone who is going cling or become psycho on you....:shake: Anyways goodluck hun, I hope this helped out

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