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Someone please explain this to me.....

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All my roommate does is complain about her b.f....complains, yells at him, criticizes him, etc etc

She more or less abuses this poor boy.

But then she says she loves him.

How is this love??? How can you love someone (unconditionally you say) when all you do is judge them and complain about their every action??


I dont know this just really bothers me.

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Seems like you're roomate is more dependant on her b/f and just says she loves him b/c he is her boyfriend.

But it sure doesn't sound like real love to me. Love in my opinion does mean overlooking the other's little faults and problems (*note little*). But it shouldn't be to the extent that you say...

Talk to her, and see what exactly she likes about him. Sounds like there are more negative thoughts and opinions than positive:confused:

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