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Relode residents April Music and a few reviews....


Dissolvent- April Music

(Q101 Sonic Boom, SOC/SOM, Relode- Madison, WI)

1_Ils- Requiem- White

2_Dan F- Bluebox/Chineese Whisper- Disyue

3_EVAC- Terra- Napzzz

4_Studio- In The Studio- Psi

5_Dylan Rhymes and Meat Katie- Moist (Koma and Bones Remix)- Whole 9 Yards

6_Player One- Are U Ready/Ha Ha- Airdog

7_Apple and Lawrence Siegel- Concentration Breaker- Extract

8_Colonel Reefa- Give It Up (Maximum Darkness)- UK Breaks

9_Future Funk Squad- Direct(Ed 209 Mix)- Wireframe

10_Sonz of Mecha- Ruff and Rugged- Mechanoize

11_Kemek the Dope Computer- Angeldust- Muti

12_Digital Pimp- 2 Bit Hooker (Future Funk Squad Remix)- En:vision

13_Sicknote- Stretch- Botchit

14_EK- The Future Ain`t Ready- Sound Not Scene

15_Commie- Ill Cicada- Distinctive Breaks

16_Freq Nasty- Fresh- Skint

17_Unseen Force- 2 Be Your 1 (Evil 9 Mix)- Sonic Tonic

18_Rennie Pilgrim and Meat Katie- Atmosphere- TCR White

19_Distortionz- Trouble Free- Botchit

20_John Creamer and Stephane K- I Wish You Were Here (PMT Remix)- Alternative Route


DPM- April Music

(Central Illinois Alliance, Relode- Bloomington, IL)

1_Rennie Pilgrem and Arthur Baker- Face It (NY Mix)- TCR

2_Jaded Alliance- Wake Up (FFS mix)- Default

3_Dee Pattern and JDS- Who's the Bad Man- FFRR

4_Scissorkicks- Livin' for Kicks (FFS Bleeps & Kicks Mix)- Plastic Raygun

5_Freq Nasty- Fresh- Skint

6_Freq Nasty- One More Time- Skint

7_2 Sinners- Who You Are- Freakaboom

8_BlueLightFever- DJ (BLIM Burglar Mix)- Suitably Alternative (s:alt)

9_DeeKline and Freq Nasty- Every Posse and Crew (Dance Floor Bully mix)- Rat

10_Rhoca- Biological Bassbinz- Sound of Habib

11_Player One- Ha Ha- Airdog

12_Sheethanger- Livin'- Plastic Raygun

13_Acetate feat. Sam Wood- No Need (2 Sinners Breaks Mix)- Circuit

14_DJ Fixx- Dont' Touch the Edit (Huda Re-edit Mix)- Kaleidoscope

15_Deejay Punk-Roc- Blow My Mid (PLump DJs MIx)- Airdog

16_PLump DJs- TB Reality- Finger Lickin'

17_John Creamer and Stephane K- I Wish You Were Here (PMT Remix)- Alternative Route

18_Rennie Pilgrem and Dub Species- The Sermon- TCR

19_Soto and Amaziree- Hold On (R-Kidz and Noise Remix)- Collision

20_PFN- Stitch Up- 10 Kilo


Evan Toutz aka ET- April Music

(MTM, E=M4y, Relode- Chicago, IL)


1_Chris Carter- Noncompos- TCR

2_Airey- Jackin'- Play Recordings

3_Ribs- Lift Off- Moonshine

4_Oxia- Check The M- In-Tec

5_10 Sui and Trigga- Sit Tight (FFS vs. Madame Breaks Mix)- Botchit

6_Thomas Krome- Hallis- Stjartlapp

7_Future Sound Collective- Beautiful- Silver Planet Promo

8_Unknown- Das.Signal- Spirit Zone

9_Robert Hood- Internal Empire- M-Plant

10_Hardfloor-Asbestos In Obstetrics- Harthouse

11_Hedonix- Just A Groove- Red N Raw

12_Parsec- Concious Parallax- Stripe Records

13_Disuye- Tetrahydrazene- Disuye

14_Lee Coombs- Future Sound Of Retro- Finger Lickin'

15_Shoponcle- Divine Moments Of Truth (Instrumental)- Twisted

16_Soto and Amaz- Hold On (R-Kidz and Noise Remix)- Collision

17_Rennie Pilgrem and Arthur Baker- Face It (Rennie's NY Mix)- TCR

18_Rennie Pilgrem- Black Widow- TCR

19_Drum Factory- And The Beat Goes- Overdrive

20_Kama Sutra- Black Horses- Wildflower

Evan Toutz reviews_

1_Unknown Artist- TR- Spirit Zone

Thick chunky psy-tech, great long fill. Very slow progression with a constant bass rumble. Deep dark and dirty. This track will create a down and dirty atmosphere. A track to be used when bring the crowd up in to your next track. A personal favorite track, a bit minimal, if you have the skills you can add a lot to this track. (4/5 stars)


2_Shpongle- Divine Moment of Truth (Instrumental)- Twisted

Thick acid basslines are what makes this track move. Tribalesque chants over the top and multiple mental distortions, this track is a stoners bad dream come true. Production is tight, there are a lot of hidden neuances, so every time you listen to it you hear something new. Definetly peak time bouncing, great for big systems.(4/5 stars)


3_Disuye- Numchukka- Disuye

Uplifting atmospheric nu skool breaks. Nice basslines compilations make this track bump. The quick breakdowns and internal toggeling of the highs makes the progression flow with ease. Atmospheric strings come up over the top with a mixture of old school synth movements. When it finall breaks out the puzzle is completed, moving as a whole like a bullet train in Toyko. To sum it all up, a dope track with attention to every detail. (5/5 stars)


4_Soto and Amaz- Hold On (R Kidz vs Noize Remix)- Collision

A great opener to get the crowd bumping at about 136bpm. Funky swung breaks with nice thick midrange basslines. Long smooth progression through out the whole track. Smooth filtered vocals keep the swing bouncing. Strings start to evolve towards the end so you could either step it up a notch, or blend it down real deep. A definite ass shaker for the sophisticated crowd. (4/5 stars)


5_Kama Sutra- Black Horses- Wildflower

A timeless classic. Deep housey basslines with a swung triangle riff enveloping with in that sound are live tribal congas. A culmination of floating strings and synths show you how it can get real deep over the top, with a gorgeous breakdown comes an awesome jazz guitar. From beginning to end a classic track not to be forgotten. (5/5 stars)


Hipolito Sanchez – April Music

(Frwrd Productions, Relode- Chicago, IL)

1_Probspot vs Alexi Delano– You and Me– Dedicated Musique (promo)

2_Sampler Volume 3 –Goin’ Down– Bunchlox Music (promo)

3_Inland Knights– 20/20Vision VIS071–20/20 Recordings

4_CPEN–Follow the Shine EP– Aesoteric

5_Halo Varga– Another Freak– Catalyst Recordings

6_Aphrohead– Kazoo– Clashback Recordings (promo)

7_Peace Division– Droppin’ Deep EP– Low Pressings

8_Keiji Shimazaki– Under the Moon– (promo)

9_David Panda– Holmgang– Frunk Records STHLM

10_Jacob London– Slom Time– Squid Records

11_Pornorama– Leliwa (Dubwise Mix)– Earresistible Musick

12_Le Knight Club– Tropicall– Crydamoure

13_Jay Tripwire– What Kind of Voodoo?– Big Chief

14_Sijay – Play This Thru Yer Speakers EP– Jump Recordings

15_Miguel Migs– Satisfied– NRK Sound Division

16_Chad Mitchell– Roam 005– Roam Recordings

17_Alexander East– Tears– Grand Prix Music

18_Common Factor– Over You EP– Tactile Music

19_Eliga Mayhew and Tony Senghore- PURE 003– Pure Recordings

20_Cesar Ramirez- Black Widow– 83 West Records

Hipolito Sanchez Reviews-

1_Probspot vs Alexi Delano– You and Me– Dedicated Musique (promo)

An excellent sophomore release from Dedicated Musique. This 2-tracker features ADNY’s B-side mix. Wonderful synth stabs and rolling TB-303 baselines come together along side the sample “You and Meâ€. Subtle guitar riffs and percussion give this track its great appeal and make for a top notch release headed for the top of everyone’s chart. A definite must have. (4/5) 

2_Sampler Volume 3 –Goin’ Down– Bunchlox Music (promo)

West coast production team Smitty & Eric Davenport get their hand in this one with “Dis and Dat†for that abstract jack. Along with horns and filtered vocals, the unique breakdowns bring you right back into the swing of things. Mark Almaria with his release “Music’s in me†brings a filtered disco house feel and that party time energy that will keep you in sweat. (4/5) On the flipside, Gant Garrard brings us “Oh Baby†a funky Chicago-style track reminiscent of the South-side disco styles of Paul Johnson and others. Chicago natives Nick Zawadski aka DJ Nique (Moonshine, IHR, Terraform) alongside Rees Urban artist and co-owner of the hot new label Bunchlox Music, come correct with 808 and 303 basslines that we all have grown to love. A rough edged tracker sure to make you drop your drink and jack it! This tracks proper breakdowns and filtered vocal is sure to keep this one in your box for a long time. (5/5)  

3_Inland Knights– 20/20Vision VIS071–20/20 Recordings

Hot!! We definitely need say no more for this UK production team of the hour. Laurence Ritchie and Andy Riley set if off on the recent 4-tracker on 2020 Recordings. Funkdafied guitar riffs and that low bass we just can’t turn down, the Inland Knights have the formula that has you playing every track. (5/5) 

4_CPEN–Follow the Shine EP– Aesoteric

This SF label comes correct with a sound that will reach not only the most critical of house heads but the also many others. “Excited†brings the synth-lines and bass reminiscent of the early ‘90s house sound. “Oceans II†brings us the familiar West Coast sounds with piano riffs breakdowns leaving you waiting for warmth of the bassline, or that 7am sunrise off the coast. The B-side brings us “Follow the Shine 1 & 2â€. The kick and electro-keys leave us in the after hours tone that takes you back to landscapes of urban after-hours and subway rides. Another ingenious production by CPEN, Pt. 2 gives you a bone-chilling vocal by Latina Webb that will have you nudging for seconds. A definite favorite (5/5) 

5_Halo Varga– Another Freak– Catalyst Recordings

Chicago’s native son returns on the Catalyst Vol. 3 sampler with “Another Freak†a peak time bubbly tracker with a rolling synth and guitar slaps sure to keep you in a spin. (4/5) 


Todd Richmann- April Music

(Depth Bookings, Divine at Angelic, Release Records, Relode- Madison,Wi)


1_Madoka- Coppola- Private Reality White

2_PQM- You Are Sleeping- CDR

3_Red Moon- Lucky- Surround Sound

4_Liquid State- Falling(Hernan Cattaneo Mix)- Perfecto

5_Cirque- Cirque Music Volume 1- Cirque

6_DJ Nukem- Secrets- Imago Gramaphone

7_EVCM- Circutbreaker(Jon Creamer and Stefan K Mix)- Shinichi

8_Leandro Gamez- I'm One Of Them- Superbra

9_Gruvhaus- Inspired By- Release Records TP

10_Nugen- Braaj- CDR

11_Marc Romboy- Hyperharmonic- Superstition TP

12_Yunus Guvenen- IP Kaiser- Silver Planet

13_Alexander Church- Welcome To My World- Gravitation

14_Greed- Promises- SOG CDR

15_Katai- Turn Of Time- Vapour Recordings Limited

16_Akadoma- Slightly Forward- Saw TP

17_Blackwatch- Time Flies- CDR

18_Pappa and Gilbey- Validate- Regress

19_16th Element- Warp- Loaded

20_DJ Gogo- Sayna version 2- Cyber

Todd Richmann reviews_

1_Katai-Turn of Time- Vapour Recordings

As far as early evening tracks go, Kasey Taylor's (Ocean Wave) Vapour Recordings have put out some of the best. This mystery artist Katai is no different, the main quality of this track is it's crisp production and its dark tone. The flip side offers a sweet dub mix with a lot of music in the beginning that allows all the prog jocks hammering it to really work it in the mix. Some simple and slight tribal drums add a great flavor to both sides, making this one track to really kick off a night. (4/5 stars)


2_Liquid State- Falling(Hernan Cattaneo Mix)- Perfecto

Hernan Cattaneo's work on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto often gives it a deeper sensibility and reduces highly on the cheddar factor. This thunky chunky mix with its wispy vocals is no different. It's sexy, straight up deep progressive house with a really classy feel. It's one that can get a crowd going, and really turn some heads. This track is one of my favorites and will be for some time. Less is more and the simple stabs and tight vocal hooks are what does it for me.(5/5 stars)


3_Gruvhaus- Inspired By- Release Records

Toronto continues to make waves with a gem of a progressive label called Release Records. New York's Gruvhaus turns out a massive tribal track, with some serious drumwork and great synths that moves along at a really nice pace, and is great for taking the crowd to the next level. Release is known as a forward thinking label, and also is one of the most up front record stores out there. They put the same intensity into their label, making it a real winner (4/5 stars)


4_EVCM- Circutbreaker(Jon Creamer and Stefan K Mix)- Shinichi Recordings

After making many rotations by all the big prog dj's and being heard on the Bedrock-Jimmy Van M compilation, this amazing and dark remix of circutbreaker is finally released. It's minimal as they come, and the pads and tight samples are what make it hear. On a big system the bass heavy kick drum is solid and the whole feel is really twisted. I stick to the dub mix personally, for the original gets a bit too long for most everyone. Also they threw some cool loops and grooves to play with, a rarity for a progressive track of this magnitude. (5/5 stars)


5_North Atlantic- Mind Control- EQ Grey

Damn! the original is where its at, it pumps, moves and has a nasty sci fi sample about mind control. I can't stop playing this one! Solid drum kits, wicked bass are what nail the original mix for me. Trendroid (Transport 6) have put a nice remix on the back, but it can't compare to the original...which could rock any floor if you ask me. (4/5 stars)


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