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Paulina Rubio "Don't Say Goodbye"

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Hi Everyone!!

I just wanted to give a heads up on the new Latin Sensation thats about to make it big. Her name is Paulina Rubio. She is the hottest Female Latin Pop Singer and has been around for about 15 years and is about to cross over. Her song "Don't say goodbye" is already being played on some radio stations and is already at #1. I know that as soon as you hear the song you will love it. It's a song everyone can relate to. Paulina is already a huge sucess in all Latin American contries she was just recently nominated for 3 Latin Grammys and performed at the world famous San Remo festival. She has won over 20 awards including billboard awards and international awards. I know everyone will dig her funky and down to earth style. She is what we are missing to give the music in the states a more funky edge. You can check her out at www.paulinarubio.com and you can also see her new video if you have America on Line, just go to Keyword and type Paulina Rubio. She is will be on the jay Leno show June 18 @ on NBC. You can also check out her bio and cool pictures at her fun website!!! You will just love her!!! I love all types of music but she is by far #1 on my music list. Hear the new clips from her new album "Border Girl" coming out June 18, 2002.

I hope you guys can check her out!!



<3 Wendy


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Originally posted by sfcraz01

im not feelin girilleni's mix at all. but im lovin tingo's mix. and whats up with all these latin pop stars, everyone of them is fuc*in slammin. J-lo, then Shakira now this one. :eek:

could not agree any more about the girls and the mixes.....tingo's is crazy

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