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another Q for all....

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why is it that in london, ibiza and elsewhere the dj's spin for 4 or 7 hour sets and when we want to go out in boston they spin for 2...if that..because the clubs and bars all start turning their lights on at 1:45, so it is more like an hour and 45 minutes...or less...anyways it just sucks that we get the short end of that stick....




well back to whatever i was doing....

"you may choose not to deside but you still have made a choice"

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Yeah, and still for some odd reason no one in Boston goes out 'til 11:00 like the other cities you mentioned. So most people get 2hr 45 minutes of clubbing in for the night max. What really pissed me off was when Avalon didn't let me in til 12:00 due to door ticketing delays for an Oakenfold show that was supposed to start at 11:00 and then kicked me out after less than 2 hours. At least in NY clubs are open til 4:00.

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