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Please help me to find "This" sound

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Hey all I'm new to these boards and I need some input for my soul-sway. I haven't been into electronic music for more than a year but I stumbled onto the sound that embraces my soul like a vampire. I need more.

I want more music like Digweed's GU: Los Angeles, like DJ Moda's and Bill Hamel's Nokturnel Mix Sessions. I don't want to spend tons of $$ trying to find that sound anymore. I have been swinging and missing alot lately and I NEED more of that sound. It moves me through my day. If you aren't familiar with those mixes let me throw some descriptives at you.

Dark, Deep, Delicious, Sexy, Frightening, Nightmarish, Momentum, minimum-vocals (cept when used more as an effect as opposed to lyrics), Bassey (that's my word), throaty, heavy.

I want that feeling of a constant steady descent, like a deep-sea diver sinking into a spacious landscape nightmare fully sentient of my fragile mortality; dancing towards an inescapable fate.

Like underwater trees, rooted in strong currents that force movement in tune with the deliberate rotation of mother earth.

Like the planet's hot magma hissing and spewing as it bleeds from cuts in the ocean floor forming fingers of geonid desperation that claw their way to the surface smothering all land; hellfire over an iceage.

I don't have the equipment to make my own mixes. And I dont have the cash to program my own music although when I do this is the stuff I want to produce. I'm fearful there won't be much out there for me to consume but if you know of anything like what I have described please reply or e-mail me. Many thanks.

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I dont know about all that magma stuff

but you can also go to www.satelliterecords.com

and listen to individual tracks that appeal to you

and try to catergorize your sound better. becuase

all this stuff about trees underwater and skinny dipping

and stuff just lost me. Lol:D


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