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Hawaii Parties??

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The Big Island is pretty country w/ a capital C. Everyone is stoned. Kona side is more lively...b/c more tourists stay on that side. I'm sure if there are any "cool" parties they probably only happen like once a year...other than that it's very house party/barefoot stoner beer bong crowd.....if you're lucky. The best way for anyone to find out would to just keep in contact w/ the more notable underground dj'spromoters from


Outside of Oahu, Maui probably comes in as #2 for islands that have nightlife or parties. Kauai, Big Island and the rest of the outer islands have less of a population...therefore they grow more pot....therefore (as my friend who is from Kauai says...) less of a gene pool and less motivation.

Hope that helps!

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Hey guys, Heading out to Hawaii next friday. I'll be in Kauai the first week, and then Maui the last week. I need some help with the nightlife part of these islands. I've been looking everywhere for stuff, but no luck. If you guys have any suggestions on where to go, either to chill, dance, smoke... LOL PLEASE let me know. Thanks!

P.S. If there's anyone down to meet up and chill maybe show me around a litte that would be awesome. PM me! Thanks

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