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i'm a sucker for self-produced tracks, so please read knowing full well that it is much easier to critique someone else's trax then it is your own...

Risen - hiss in recording, could be 'cause of .mp3 format. thought you were going to break out into my vortex but not. reminds me of nostrum, mars and mystere, etc. energy starts to build after the vocal bit around 3:20, sounds like we've got potential here. turn up the hi-hat and add a crash for a little more energetic rhythm - that would highlight the melody line at the 5min mark. since we're going for a trancer here, i would also play with pitch shifting in that line. in all, good, but needs more energy.

French lullaby - the kick drum already indicates that you're going to have more energy here (and gave me another chance to look at that pool shot). squelch is nice. lead line at 2:03 sounds like the build to a lovely anthem. beautiful, passionate from around 2:30-3:10, which follows into a nice progressive buildup which is making me very very happy. never thought i'd say this but add some arpeggios to make it nice - oh wait, you did - this synth piano does the trick. right after the drum roll, i would solo the vocal bit before your hook kicks in. i enjoyed that breakdown - very floaty, dreamy... (which i guess explains the name, eh?). dj friendly ending. in all, i liked this one. ps i think i love you :)

X&O - starts off like something lucien foort would spin. here it seem you've found the energy missing from your first track. and sex bits are always a special treat. i felt like dancing at 2:20. expect to have some hands in the air for this one. great sound at the 3min - where'd you get it from? i want it! melodic drums without sounding harsh (think how nasty it is when mauro picotto goes bosh bosh) is very nice. i would definitely party to this track. my boss came by at 6:40 so i missed a lot. ending 4/4 is dj friendly, but takes too long for individual track listing. if you hold your hooks a little longer for them to consume the little trancers. all in all, your best so far. i like it.

illusion - nice rolling stuff. in other words, good music to listen to when on ecstasy.

final countdown rmx - nice shuffle in the intro. girls with drum machines make me drool. i was expecting to hear a remix of europe here... oh wait here it goes :). keep the final countdown theme happening more often so that we can identify with it... it doesn't reappear for 2 minutes after you introduce it. otherwise a nice floaty trancer.

just a final comment - its probably the .mp3 compression but the sound overall sounds muffled a bit, not as sharp as it could be.

on the whole you've got a good ear for trance anthems and floor fillers. people will have their hands in the air.



ps what gear do you use?

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