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hand percussionist available

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My name is Andrew & I'm a hand percussionist in the NJ/Philly area based out of Trenton. I play congas, bongos, doumbek and various other noise makers (gongs, woodblocks, cowbells, etc.). I presently work Saturdays at the Conduit in Trenton, Thursdays at R Bar in woodbridge as well as pick up other gigs. I'm looking to add another night to my weekly schedule or at least introduce myself and make myself available. I started playing clubs about 6 months ago and have come to really enjoy it. Mostly, I've been doing Trance & Progressive House, but I'm quick to adapt.

I enjoy playing off the crowd's energy, don't need to be "mic"ed and the drum setup alone adds to the night's ambiance. If interested, reply to this Email or call me at (215) 736-8710

Thanx... Andrew

ps... my saturdays might open up for the summer, would be willing to travel for a kickass sat. night



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