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Question: Moony - Dove

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I have two tracks, both titled...

Moony - Dove (John Creamer & Stephane K remix)

They sound completely different! What the fuck?

One is the song Justin ripped and put the windows ding in at the end (which by the way, I fixed if anyone needs it) and there is another version I have as well. Just trying to get an idea of whats what, I have when people mislabel shit. I think Justin's is probably the real one, minus the f'n windows ding noise. Thanks!

And I know its not the Rivera mix either, I have that one too.

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yeah well I have a few questions about that song too- I am still in search of my favorite mix that I can't FIND anywhere anymore, does anyone remember when it first came out and the version on ag was all fucked up after like a minute? THAT is the version I love the most- but now I can't find it anywhere. If anyone can help me PLEASE PLEASE im me sunlyte23 thanks!!!!! :D

This has been my favorite vocal for months now, I love love LOVE it!!!! :D :D

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