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Originally posted by vicman

nah, 18th street lounge is by Red, the general area of 1223 and dragonfly..i think. never been there, 'cos i dont like to get to dressy when i go out.

Its about two doors down from FIVE. Its not clearly marked. I've been only a few times but I like it.

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Originally posted by lizard23

How's the 18th St. Lounge? It was recommended to me by somebody in Record and Tape Traders a few months ago. I think he said it was by Zei Club?

18th is one of those go to see and be seen kinda places.

Cons: Dressy, lots of attitude, "NYC-style" doorman (not as much of a problem since you're a woman), expensive.

Pros: pretty people, good music, nice interior, outdoor deck.

I used to go there pretty often, and have had fun there, but the attitude gets old really fast.

I also like Dragonfly, though I haven't been in a long time. I think the sushi is really good there, though some would disagree, really nice martini's too.

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