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CP dail summary

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i feel like i need a cp daily summary b/c i'm not gonna go thru each thread and read it (sorry). except the bday threads of course. :) and shady, i loved that one smiley, lemme see if i can find it, :kiss2: , heehee, i love some of the new smileys, though some are really wacko

ok just judging from the title of these threaads, here we go:

place to download music: soulseek, i told y'all last week, if shady says otherwise well y'all know who to trust

danny vs danny - looks like i'm in. woohoo!

ummm...what else was there...oh yeah - tigerhook on fri, i'm also in, see y'all there

runningman talking to cats - :confused::rolleyes:

ok, i guess that's my cp daily digest!!:D

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