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Pledge of Allegiance...

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The problem is that everyone is so GODDAMN (no specific god) fucking PC. No one wants to say anything that might even be in the remotest way be some what offense to anyone. I don't even know how long the pledge has been around but since I have known it I have never heard anyone complain about it. Now all of a sudden it's unconstitutional. It's a sad day in this nations history when it's judicial system finds the pledge of it's flag unconstitutional for the use of the word God.

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What a waste of our tax dollars, for them to waste hours deliberating over such a matter.

And another thing: I used to like saying the Pledge of Allegiance before class got on the way. I felt a sense of unity, nationality, and identity.

Those old farts don't know anything about classroom settings. I hope teachers will carry on as usual.

Damn conservative tightwads :cuss:

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The man bringing the lawsuit has children...poor little kids...don't we get picked on enough when we're young?! Now they'll be forever known as the kids whose dad got rid of the Pledge of Allegiance! A lifetime of being stuffed in lockers and wedgies.

Seriously, haven't there been atheists FOREVER?! I'm so disgusted at all this political correctness...no more Washington Bullets, might offend people who shoot (or promote violence)...no more stewardess, might offend some women...now this...these people need to chill out and read a book!:no:

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Originally posted by tribal

yo gmccook, its not the conservatives that are so pro PC, its mostly hairly legged fem liberalists. hehe

talking about nuts, hey sassa, arent you from CA? :tongue:

lol..i prefer to call myself a global citizen ;) but yes, i have been living in california for the past 2 years. although now i am in DC.

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