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TonerCure/ GBL

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Sorry cant answer your question, but that shit is really bad news. Is puking, passing out etc really that good of a feeling.

Stay away from any drug where the line between having a smile on your face and puking uncontrolably while you cant move or are blacked out is so fine.

Just my opinion, that I unfortunately found out the hard way when you used to be able to order a gallon of 99.99% pure GBL for $70 and turn it into GHB in your kitchen.

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i never tried G... is it good??? cheezy lines are good.. i'm also at a stage of not having motovation to go out and party.... i just enjoy hitting the bong.. and crazy beautiful bowls... but than again i cant' wait until it snows again.. which reminds me of the wack ass winter we had.. but if it weren't for the lack of snow here.. i wouldn't of had drove down to stratton for a crazy week... high times to remember later...

i know tonz of friends with tonz of stories without any more new stories... i'm a story seeker.. so what do you do on G???

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Or you can just add 4 ounces of GBL to a 32 ounce bottle of gatorade (minus 4 ounces of gatorade of course.)

Rule of thumb is...1ml of GBL is equivalent to 1 gram of GHB. That is the recommended doseage. However...people who use GHB/GBL use 2.5 grams of GHB or usually 2ml of GBL to feel anything.

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