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Registry of motor vehicles


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These people are soooooooo god damn stupid it is not even funny. Someone hit me back on Jan 3, I filed the report the 4th. My truck has been fixed and I was paid. Now yesterday I get a letter from the RMV and inside in my report I filed. And it is asking me for the date of birth of the stupid kid that hit me. How the F am I supose to know that. So I write this:

To whom it may concern:

Are you people really this slow and stupid over there? This accident happened 6 months ago. And now in July you are sending me a letter requesting that I reply to you about something I have no clue about. Way to be on the ball! I will give you some helpfull hints to help you out and save us both .37 cents next time.

1. Try contacting the kid whos date of birth you are looking for

And my favorite and most obvious one

2. TRY PUTTING HIS DAMN S.S.# INTO THE STUPID COMPUTER, you have that, and isn't that what the computer is for. You have no trouble finding people who have not paid tickets, why can't you find a stupid date of birth.

have a nice day!


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