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Party In Amsterdam!!!!!

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Ever go? UNBELIEVABLE place to visit, coolest people you will ever meet next to NYC, all speak english so that's a plus as well, ........ the clubs are really nice, no body dances though, it's kind of wierd? . . . and OH the RED LIGHT DISTRICT, almost forgot, you have to experience it for yourself!!!!!!!! I am going again in the summer sometime soon, nude beaches and what-not. I went in Winter and it was cold walking around, but Summer time should be cool!!!!


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if you take the mushrooms, get them from conscious dreams... they have 5 different kinds!

(we chose "visual" and "mental", though they also have "philisophical", "hysterical" and some other one i can't remember)

we spent about 3 hours waiting for them to kick in, but once the ground started bubbling, i started seeing speedbumps in reality and my friend was seeking advice from a tree...

go to dance valley: http://www.dancevalley.nl



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