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Hey Mods

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I'm not around here much as you can tell ....but every time i stop by to se if i can get all worked up in here..... it seems this board is getting more and more like a Mormon sex board ..... will it's name be changed to the fornication board.... then the naughty at night board ...... then maybe if you open this you'll go to hell board....

I understand it's only what WE all make of it.... me included.... but I honestly find myself to bored to really ad anything of substance when i read through these topics that look like they were written by slightly tipsy republicans at a convention (ie ... weirdest thing you've done after sex Poll,.... did you look at the poll choices?... give me a fuckin break.... how bout "scraped the cum off her arse with a pinecone and then covered my cock with a handful of pine needles while i ran naked through the campground trying to find where our 'friends' had hide our clothes while we fawked".....tru story)

were did all the attention grabbing kink go???

posts with the topics "Help.... my dick is caught in my girlfiends ass.... need help to get it out.....damn it's hard to type like this"

plz recruit some member with at least some sexual experience to liven this board up

said my peace,


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