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Oldie but Goodie . . . .

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A man walking in the street sees a tall skyscraper with a sky bar at the very top of the structure. He decides to go up for a drink or two. He gets in the elevator and goes all the way to the top, when he gets off the elevator in the bar he sees a man take a shot of Tequilla, step out on the balcony and jump off! The man is in shock "I can't believe what I just saw, this is crazy, it's so terrible" one minute goes by, and to his disbelief he sees the man that jumped off the balcony come off the elevator and sit back down at the bar. He sits down with the man "excuse me sir but didn't you just jump off the building?, how? wha . . ?" the man who jumped says "it's all in the tequilla, it gives you boincy so that when you hit the ground you bounce!, it really works you should try it" . .. now the other man drunk out of his mind replies "sure what the hell, I mean if you did it, i can surely do it too" . . . so the man has a shot of tequilla steps out on to the balcony and jumps . . . . . SPLAT!!!!!!! .. . . . the bartender then turns to the other man still sitting at the bar and says "you know Superman, your a real asshole when your drunk."


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