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I am building a website for the independent film & television market. I am looking for Actors, Models, Filmmakers, musicians, screenwriters etc..It's free with no advertisements. It's really for people who huslte. And if you are in the film, television or music industry, you know what it takes to hustle.

the site is: http://www.pixel-flick.tv

It is just getting started and will be launched most likely in Late August. it is also an e-Business for my film & television production company.

If you are looking for work or a partner in someway, this will be the hook up. I will have webcam services and language barrier software. So it doesn't matter where you are from. I am based in the Chicago area as well as San Mateo, CA.

Please register onto the message baord area as well and tell anyone interested in the entertainment industry.

And if there are any investors out there wanting to find a great screenplay or business plan, please visit as well.

Thanks to everyone who supports the website.

Brian Stephens

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