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San Francisco...

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Hot damn that is a fun city to party in!

Got in late last Friday night, headed over to Alex Whalen's palatial loft in Portrero Hills and then on to a psy trance party put on by thump radio station. Astral Projection was incredible and the vibe was perfect. I also got to see some really good house by a DJ who's name I don't remember, but there was a guy named Sensei on the keyboards fawking it up!

Saturday we met up with D:Fuse and his gang for sushi and then headed over to 1015 Fulsom, where Dustin played an awesome 5 hour set. 1015 was a little more of a meat market, but I still had a blast. Then we all went back to Dustin's manager's hotel room and partied through the next day! I'm still recovering! Highlight of the night? D:Fuse wearing my hair and riding one of his friends like a pony! :laugh:

Overall, my impression of SF's crowd is that they are older, friendlier and on more drugs than any other crowd I've had the good fortune to party with! *lol*

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