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Labour Day weekend

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OK, I'm going to get a smack for this one... and I probably deserve it. Keep this way on the downlow, but I don't really like Debo....

His sets are just filled with anthem after anthem... pretty much the same thing week in and week out. If I hear "Chilling Moments" on one more opener, I'm just going to lose it.

I'm probably very alone in this, and that's fine... he's just not for me I think. It's not that his sets are awful, I just find them repetitive and almost easy. I want to be suprised when I go see a dj, and with Debo, I know just what to expect. This may be different seeing him spin longer in a different club, but I don't think it's worth me driving 5 hours, spending all that cash on a DJ I'm not crazy about.

I'm going to go hide somwhere now..

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Now I know why you didn't want me to introduce you to him :laugh:

Wait till the next time you two are in the same place again....i'll make sure you two meet for sure !

I've easily listened to more Debo sets than any other dj I go to hear, including Howells. Spinning at Avalon he is limited somewhat to what he can do obviously. But within that limited set he has, i've heard little subtlties each time that make the set unique. It may be a few tracks, or the last hour of his set, but there is something new in there each and everytime that you just didnt get before.

The one time I heard him spin outside of Avalon I was floored. Awesome dark trance & prog. I've been waiting for the chance to hear him spin outside Avalon again so finally this is it.

I think you just like fighting with him, wimp

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:laugh: Thanks for reminding me about Friday! I completely forgot that you asked me if I wanted to be introduced to Debo. I remember saying something along the lines of "I don't think Debo likes me" :laugh:

I have to admit, I do like fighting with him, but I do feel bad when I accidently end up insulting him. But I'm sorry, he's definitely a REALLY nice guy, but just a bit too nice in my opinion. If you can't see that Micro sucks, then I just don't know what to say. Plus the fact that Debo and Micro are good friends and Micro (who played the WORST live set I've EVER heard) gets an 8 appearance residency. That's just PATHETIC!

The longest I've heard Debo spin was when he took over for Sandra "no show" Collins. And I enjoyed his set somewhat, but it was EXACTLY what I expected. Plus I was rip-shit that he took Ali off the decks, Ali was KILLING it that night, there was no reason to stop him, he would've destroyed that place, which he deserves to do.

I am sure that if Debo and I met we'd be totally cool with each other. He just seems like an all-around good guy.

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